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DELI BON BOUCHE, as its name states, “GOOD TASTING” has the purpose to meet with different flavours coming out from the fusion and preparing with our own region ingredients amd preparing unique gourmet products which can be tested in my sauces, marmelades, jellys, pastries and overall in my gastronomy.


As above mentioned, I have been dreaming long time ago to set up my knowledge by developing my company, DELI BON BOUCHE, as a gourmet natural products with no preservatives either in my ingredients as well its packing and presentation, taking advantage of the differents natural products of the origin country like their vegetables, fruits and others.


On the other hand, we provide catering services to our customers homes, without worring anything.


We invite you to taste our products and services which have been prepared with care, love and dedication, which we are certain you will enjoy as so many others have done up to now.



Thank's you

  M. Elena von Wussow



Maria Elena von Wussow Garces

Parcela 4a) Camino 2da. Faja Volcan, Km 2,9

Villarrica, Región de La Araucanía - Chile

Fono : +569 - 9873 9362

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